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Tall Ships adventures now available

Each year we offer a number of sponsored placements for young people (15-25 years old) to take part in sail training adventures.

We are currently inviting applications from young people interested to take part in the Tall Ships Races 2018.

Voyages and Ships

(all dates inclusive of travel)

Race 1Brace yourself for an invigorating voyage across the North Sea, from Sunderland, UK to Esbjerg, Denmark.

Ship:    Swan

Dates: Saturday 7 July – Friday 20 July

Route: Lerwick – Sunderland – Esbjerg  


Cruise-in-Companysail with the international fleet in a breath-taking Cruise-in-Company leg between Denmark and Norway.

Ship:    Swan

Dates: Thursday 19 July – Wednesday 1 August

Route: Esbjerg – Stavanger


Cruise-in-Company - sail with the international fleet in a breath-taking Cruise-in-Company leg between Denmark and Norway.

Ship:    Statsraad Lehmkuhl

Dates: Wednesday 18 July – Sunday 29 July

Route: Esbjerg – Stavanger

About the Tall Ships Races 

Fantastic host cities and challenging races across the North Sea makes the Tall Ships Races 2018 an essential event in the sail training calendar.

The Tall Ships Races is a spectacular, annual event aimed at young people which takes place in European waters over the summer months. Huge crowds gather at host cities during the four days the Tall Ships Races are in port, this can range from hundreds of thousands of people at events to sometimes even several million!

Many of the world’s Tall Ships take part in the event, everything from the biggest Class As (barques, brigs and ship rigged) to the smallest Class Ds (sloops, ketches and schooners).

Races and Regattas are broken down into “legs,” or races. The number of legs depends on how many host ports are taking part and races are between one port to the next.

Along with the race legs, there’s also the opportunity to take part in a “Cruise-in-Company.” It’s not a race and provides an opportunity to take things at a more leisurely pace. You’ll have more time to enjoy the company of the rest of the fleet, take in your surroundings, and bond with your crewmates. Perhaps you’ll stop to anchor in a picturesque port which has put on some special entertainment for the visiting fleet. Maybe you’ll check out a beautiful bay for an overnight party. Or you could sail slowly and take in a tourist attraction. Some crews even swap ships and welcome new international crewmates.

Find out more about the host ports you will visit:

Sunderland, UK - Sunderland is a city with an international outlook in the north of England. It enjoys both a spectacular coastline and a river that runs right through the city centre.

Esbjerg, Denmark - Esbjerg supports the fundamental values of Sail Training. Its main goal is for everyone ­– of all ages and experience levels – to experience the event up close.

Stavanger, Norway - Stavanger is located on the south-western coast of Norway. It’s known as the “energetic city” – its natural coastal location and open and progressive attitude have made it the energy capital of both Norway and Europe.


Please read the accompanying guidance notes for full terms and conditions.

Any applicant under 18 years of age, must ensure their application form is submitted with a counter signature from a parent/guardian.

As part of the application process, we invite all applicants to take part in a half day sail on Swan which will take place during a weekend Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 April. A decision on the successful applicants will be made following the sailings.

If selected, a personal donation towards the costs of the trip of £300.00 will be required before taking part.

All other costs including ship bookings, travel and subsistence are met by Sail Training Shetland.

How to apply

Download and read the Guidance notes

Download an Application form [pdf]

Download an Application form [word]

The closing date for applications is Thursday 22 March 2018 - don't miss the boat!! 

The fun really starts once you’ve signed up for a sail training adventure!


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