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Man overboard exercises

News from Starboard Watch:  Orren, Georgia, Diana, Emma and Eve  

After being anchored for the night in Ådnoy we took a chance to practise a new version of the man overboard drill in the calm surroundings of the tranquil bay. This time for a person that was unconscious and unable to help themselves.

We began by talking through all the equipment that would be needed, this included harnesses, different lines and handy billys, a figure of eight and an immersion suit. Then splitting into our two watches, we set it all up so we could learn how to properly use it.

Starboard used the handy billys and lines to set up a pulley system with a lot of purchase that could be used to pull in a casualty and rescuer; we discussed that this could only be used late in the rescue due to the length of rope needed and time consumption. Meanwhile, Port kitted Steven and Molly out in rescuer and casualty garb, Steven wore the harness and helmet and Molly the strop.The watch attached them to a line attached to a figure of eight. 

Both watches presented what they’d constructed to the other, this was impressive as everyone got involved and enjoyed displaying what they’d done. We then used FRED- our dummy to play the casualty; we tied him to a line (this isn’t cheating, the ship was anchored so we couldn’t move!)  to keep him in a reasonable area and Richard, in his dry suit went into the water.

On board there was a flurry of activity; getting the kit out its bag, getting ready the scramble net and using what we’d learned to set up the handy billy and lines. Richard managed to attach the strop to poor Fred and we hauled the both of them in, rolling Fred into the scramble net to get him up the side and helping Richard out.

Once Fred was safely back on his favourite bit of deck and everything cleared up, we all felt a great sense of achievement and pride in the results of our hard work- Fred’s safe return.

Then, in quick time for us we raised the anchor and were on our way to Jorpeland. Here some of us went out in the dinghy to catch fish ( which is really smelly) and the others explored the shops. We found a Norwegian charity shop, and were excited for a bargain, but even charity shops are expensive in Norway! Later we took a trip to Jorpelands small bowling alley, we had two lanes and Steven and Diana won the games. While we were there we sampled massive ice creams and were about to explode upon heading back to the ship.

We are now sailing back to Skudness, for Skudefestivalen where we will spend the next couple of days before making our way home!



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