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You only live once!

News from Port Watch:  Molly, Kate, Steven, Valerie and Laura 

On Wednesday 3 July, after leaving Stavanger where we had been surrounded by two massive cruise ships, Queen Elizabeth and Azura, we anchored in a lovely bay at the island of Ådnoy.

It was a nice evening so we decided to launch the inflatable boat and have a look around in the bay (after a quick lesson from Richard). It was good fun going around in the small boat and exploring around the trees on Ådnoy. Richard and Scott taught us how to use the outboard motor properly and steer the boat-so we learned a lot about the small boat as well as having a good time.  Steven was captain and Emma, Georgia, Eve and Diana were his companions. From the Swan, Laura and Kate manned the walkie-talkie, but could hear Georgia’s voice travelling around the island and back to the ship without having to use them. It had its plus side, because at least we knew where they were at all times. We learned previously that communication is really important on a vessel and that carried on to this fun experience.

Molly, Valerie, Orren and Scott, went on a different run around the voe. On the trip they saw lots of Norwegian summer homes and boat houses. They all had a go at steering the boat and had great fun. The scenery was beautiful, amazing and something different to look at than what is seen at home.

About ten o’ clock at night two teenagers who have summer houses in the area, Ingrid and Magnus came out to the Swan with their small dinghy and came aboard. 

They told us a lot about the summer houses on the island and around the bay. Ingrid has sailed in the 2012 Tall Ships Races on Maybe, from St Malo to Lisbon.

The next morning, after another man overboard drill, we all climbed out on the bowsprit.  No one fell in!!

Safely aboard, we swiftly took up the anchor, and then motored to the small port of Jorpeland. The weather was incredibly calm and so we docked the boat for the night. That evening, a small group of us (Molly, Kate, Orren and Scott) went on the inflatable around a small island, Jorpa Holmen, to catch some fish to eat. We found a few really good places to fish, and ended up catching six – mainly Cod and Pollock.  For lunch today, Friday, we fried the fish they had caught and made them into fish cakes as sail make for Skudefestivalen in Skudeneshavn where we will spend tonight and tomorrow.

 We’ve started to play a ‘boat murder’ game. Laura is beating everyone! She’s killed 4 times so far and planning her next murder….


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